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Thank You for Visiting!

No matter what I have done in life, the satisfaction of designing and creating an object with my own hands has always drawn me back to that place.   

My journey in handcrafts has taken me down many paths and I have been told in the past  that I need to decide what I want to do when I grow up. However, if I had not taken those paths I would have missed out on learning incredible skills and some wonderful experiences.

I am the artisan, Judy Jeffares and I hope you enjoy your visit. 


My W​ork

No matter the path I went down, I have always come back to my passion for glass and creating jewelry. My first work with jewelry was to scour yard sales and flea markets for old glass beaded jewelry and up-cycle it into a new creation.  I did a little wire work and after drifting away for a number of years, I began lampworking ; learning to make glass beads. Then came working with fused glass, embossing, etching and painting on copper to make pendants.   The last two and a half years I have been discovering enameling on copper; using a torch or kiln to fuse glass powder to the copper to create my designs. I feel it is a constant journey to learn and enhance my abilities; allowing me to present items for your enjoyment. 

Fused Glass

Designs created fusing various glass by kiln firing


Designs created by  fusing glass powder to copper or silver by kiln or torch firing


Designs created by making impressions into or removing areas of the copper


Designs created using a torch  or kiln to form the Beads

Mixed Media

Designs created using various art  mediums 

My Work

Above you will find a sampling of my work.

  • The leaf is an example of enameling on embossed copper.  The design is cut from a sheet of lighter weight copper and the design is enhanced by embossing(impressing) additional highlights into the piece.  The piece is strengthened by firing  clear enamel(glass powder) onto each side; then colored enamel is fired on, often in many layers.

  • Beside the leaf is a pendant made from multiple textures of dichroic glass over a black base.  This glass is coated with ultra thin layers of various metals and reveals it's true color when fired. With many different textures this glass creates incredible  affects when fired in a kiln.

  • The round pendant is another example of enameled copper.   This is a heavier gauge copper where opaque enamels are used to create a more organic pattern when fired on.  Finished with a wire and bead bale. 

  • The pendant on the far right is another example of using dichroic glass to enhace the piece.  Using a black glass base the added dichroic strip creates an incredible golden texture added to this piece; finished with a braided wire wrap.

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