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A Bit of Sunshine

This enameled piece is cloisonne'.  After firing on a white base coat of enamel, fine silver wire is shaped and fired into place. Each cell is then filled with transparent enamels to allow light to reflect back through from the white or silver underneath.

Natures Gift

This pendant and bracelet and inspired by nature with images embossed into copper and brass. The images are buffed, color added with metal dies, buffed again and finished with a permanent sealer to maintain the clear image and prevent any patina.

Evening Lights

This was inspired by my childhood memories of fireflies in the evening.  The center is enameled copper with a special technique to allow the images to be drawn with a graphite pencil with a touch of color added with watercolor enamels. The focal was set onto copper that has patina added.

Out of the Woods

This hand sketched Tree of Life rises off the copper by using and etchings process to remove the copper around the image.  This piece has been buffed to a shine and permanently sealed to prevent any patina.

Tree of Life​

This tree of life is enamel on copper. The back of the piece is enameled in a solid color and pattern work is done on the front to create the image. A resist was used  while the colored enamel was applied to allow the tree image to show through from the copper. A clear enamel was them applied to seal everything.


Raw copper comes alive under the heat of the flame.  After hours of practice, just the right amount of heating and cooling of the copper coaxes the color from the metal.  A sealant is applied to maintain the color and prevent oxidation.

Less is M​ore

Whether copper, brass, silver or aluminum designs can be added to the metal by applying a resist for the image and the metal around it is etched off, leaving the design.  Here a special metal dye is applied and then sealed to protect the dyes and prevent oxidation.

Raise it Up

When metals are softened,  images may be pressed into them for creating designs. The images are them buffed, and special metal dyes are applied, buffed again and then sealed to protect the dyes and prevent oxidation.  

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